Zig Và Sharko (Mùa 3)
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Zig Và Sharko (Mùa 3)

Zig & Sharko (Season 3) (2010)

Trạng thái: Full (78/78) HD Vietsub

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Thời lượng: 7phút/tập


Quốc gia:Pháp

Thể loại: Bí Ẩn, Hài Hước, Hoạt Hình, Phiêu Lưu

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Zig Và Sharko (Mùa 3) 2010, Zig & Sharko (Season 3) Full (78/78) HD Vietsub

Zig & Sharko (Season 3) is an animated comedy series that follows the hilarious adventures of Zig, a scheming hyena, and Sharko, a strong and loyal shark, as they constantly clash over the affections of Marina, a beautiful mermaid.

In Season 3, the rivalry between Zig and Sharko reaches new heights as they devise even more outrageous plans to win over Marina. Zig, always on the lookout for his next meal, comes up with elaborate traps and schemes to catch Marina, but his plans always backfire, causing chaos and creating comedic moments.

Sharko, on the other hand, is fiercely protective of Marina and will go to great lengths to keep her safe. He uses his strength and wit to outsmart Zig and foil his plans, often resulting in hilarious and unexpected outcomes.

Marina, the object of their affection, is a playful and adventurous mermaid who often finds herself caught in the middle of Zig and Sharko’s constant battles. Despite their differences, she manages to maintain a friendly relationship with both characters and often finds herself unintentionally causing them even more trouble.

Throughout Season 3, Zig and Sharko encounter various other characters and face new challenges that test their friendship and rivalry. From encounters with other sea creatures to unexpected visitors on the island, each episode brings a new twist and keeps the audience entertained with its humor and colorful animation.

Zig & Sharko (Season 3) is a fun-filled animated series that appeals to viewers of all ages. With its vibrant animation, slapstick humor, and lovable characters, it offers an entertaining escape into a world of endless adventures and laughter.

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